Chronicles of a Lonely Heart 3: Holding Hope

It’s how many months now? Three or four since my heart was literarily tossed into the dark? The dark? How “time” flies! It is the same “time” they say heals all the wounds of the heart but I’m not sure exactly what it has done to mine, all I can feel is a kind of... Continue Reading →


Chronicles of a Lonely Heart 2: Serenity

Have you ever made a decision, vowing to stand by it, not to default but as the days roll by, you find yourself going back on your words, like eating up your own words literally? So many of us find it difficult to keep our new year resolutions till the second quarter or break off... Continue Reading →

A Quick Chat with Asiwaju Seun Fakorede

"...I feel like each and every one of us has the need to be unique in our own way, that's how I came up with my identity "theseunfakorede". I am "theseunfakorede". There could be other Seun Fakoredes but I am the definite SeunFakorede..."- Seun Fakorede.   Seun Fakorede, a young entrepreneur and public speaker, who... Continue Reading →

Top Eight Clichéd Break up Lines

  Breaking up with someone is certainly one of the most difficult things to carry out. It is an intent to separate two hearts that used to beat for each other, to stop the flutterings in the chests, the butterflies-in-the-stomachs and the flushing of cheeks. Breakups get us teary, flush our emotions, drain our energy... Continue Reading →

If I start to talk… A critique

Recently on TwitterNG there's been a rush of incredible paintings, maybe I should call it a movement of young Nigerian artists revealing to us their stellar qualities through their paintings. A lot of which are hyper realism paintings by Ayo Filade and Ken Nwadiogbu (these two artists got me glaring at their works for so... Continue Reading →

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