Reality or Illusion?

It took me quite a while to understand what reality actually is... While I was in the university, I would always bother myself about what tomorrow will bring. I'd worry a lot about what life after school would be like; job hunting, the fulfilment of my dreams and aspirations, and of course whether life will... Continue Reading →


Body Shaming

Have you ever wondered how often we are told to change our appearances? Social media and magazines offer daily tips on how to lose weight "instantly" and hide our "flaws". And if we don't conform to this habit of weight losing and getting rid of our "imperfections" we ourselves become a target of body shaming... Continue Reading →

I wish you understood!

This art piece is titled "I wish you understood" done by┬áSilas Onoja in 2017. It is an oil on canvas. Onoja started as a child drawing funny cartoons and pictures. He then started professionally as a graduate, with National Diploma from the Polytechnic in 2016. There's a young lady, a beautiful lady, in this painting.... Continue Reading →

MUSINGS/ Behind the Mask

Night is often the time in which to reap our rewards, for true knowing comes in the night. We get to focus more and know our inner selves. In the light there are so many distractions;colors/hues and friends and cups of tea, laughter and gossip, music and noise, but in the darkness of the night... Continue Reading →

The Sojourn

The review of this art work is one of those things I've wanted to do for a very long time. It was just like a thirst I needed to quench...Abdul Jamal said "dreams are not what you see in your sleep. Dreams are things you see which do not let you sleep". C'est vrai! While... Continue Reading →

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